Meet Our Team

Dental hygienists and dental assistants are a vital part of a good dental team, and work closely with the dentist to provide optimum dental care. They provide treatments such as root planing, scaling and prophylaxis for periodontal diseases. They also teach patients how to care for their teeth, as well as contribute to comprehensive dental diagnoses by providing diagnoses on your dental hygiene.

Our friendly and courteous office staff are always happy to assist old and new patients throughout their dentist visits. They will help arrange and manage your appointments and follow-up visits, and answer any questions and concerns that you may have.

Dr. Jim Robertson, DDS

Dr. Jim Robertson graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1983, with the degree Doctor of Dental Surgery. He practiced as a general dentist in London for 2 years before continuing his post-graduate education at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Steve Kozomara, DDS

Dr. Steve Kozomara is passionate about helping patients improve their oral health and achieve a beautiful smile. When people ask him why he enjoys being a periodontist, he explains that he loves to build personal relationships with his patients and treat the person, not just the tooth.

Maureen Toland, Dental Hygienist

Maureen has been a member of this dental team since March 2000. Prior to graduating from dental hygiene in 1995, Maureen spent seven years as dental receptionist and six years as a dental assistant.

Maria Alejandra, Dental Hygienist

Maria-Alejandra graduated from Medix School in 2012, Dental Hygiene Program. She has worked in the fields of general and periodontal dentistry.

Shari Strassburger, Office Manager

Educated from Conestoga College and Ontario Business College, Shari has actively worked in the dental community since 1993. A standing member of the ODAA (Ontario Dental Assistants Association).

Jenna Mattie, Dental Assistant

Jenna joined the team in March of 2018. After starting her career in general dentistry, she soon realized her interests lay in Periodontics.

Erin Shantz, Dental Receptionist

Erin has joined our team in August of 2020. She began her career as a chairside dental assistant for nearly 20 years and has recently branched out into an administrative role.